Review: Delta One Business Class Newark to Paris

Flight: DL 20

Cabin: Business Class (Delta One)

Seats: 2A, 2B

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Route: Newark (EWR) to Paris - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)



Our flight boarded 40 min late due to a delayed inbound aircraft. Snacks were set up for all passengers to grab on the jet bridge, which was a nice touch. We were greeted warmly at the aircraft door and directed left to the forward business class cabin

Amenities were waiting at each seat, including bottled water, pillows, blankets, headphones, and Tumi amenity kits.

Seats 4C and 4D

Seats 4C and 4D

Once we took our seats, the flight attendants came around to distribute menus and offer Champagne, orange juice, and water. 

Meal orders were taken before we pushed back from the gate. We had a short taxi to the runway and a smooth takeoff around 7:15pm.



On this Boeing 757, the Delta One business class cabin had a single-aisle with seats arranged in a 2-2 layout, slightly angled towards the windows. This configuration is best if traveling with someone you know, since the window seat passenger will have to step over their neighbor to use the lavatory. This layout just can’t compete with direct aisle access business class seats. 

On the positive side, the seats were comfortable and had a partition that offered some privacy while reclined.



The flight attendants were up and about immediately after takeoff to begin prepping dinner. This crew was very efficient and polished - always good on a short transatlantic red eye. They worked well together and it showed. 

Dinner was delayed slightly due to turbulence and was served around 8pm.We chose the "Dine and Rest" option - where all courses are delivered together on one tray - to maximize our sleep time. 

I had pre-ordered one vegan (VGML) meal online and Spencer selected the Pesto Ravioli option from the on-board menu.

My meal included salad, fruit, naan bread, and a trio of Indian-spiced vegetable dishes. The meal was quite good and quite spicy. I really appreciated Delta’s inclusion of real olive oil and vinegar dressing.

I requested some herbal tea after dinner. Delta offered Harney and Sons and brings a mini pot of hot water to refill your mug, which I love. It feels very proper.

Delta One Herbal Tea

Delta One Herbal Tea

There was pleasant mood lighting in the cabin that changed throughout various stages of the flight. 



The IFE system had a responsive and high-resolution touchscreen. It felt more iPad-like in it’s smoothness than some other systems I’ve used recently. If the monitor is too far to reach comfortably, there is also an old-school remote adjacent to the seat cushion.

Over-ear headphones were provided, though I used my Bose QuietComfort set.

Delta offered a good mix of recent and older movies. 


There was a single lavatory at the front of the Delta One cabin, as well as one immediately aft. The space was pretty standard and small, with Malin+Goetz soap and hand lotion. I appreciated that Delta had upgraded to touch-less flush and sink sensors. The bathroom remained relatively clean throughout the flight.


After dinner, I reclined to a fully-flat position to sleep.
Sitting in row 2 on the aisle, I noticed lots of bright light leaking out from forward galley. If you plan to sleep without eyeshades, I’d recommend choosing rows 3 or 4 for a darker environment.



About 90 minutes before landing I awoke to hot towels being distributed and breakfast service beginning. The veggie meal included sautéed vegetables, fruit, and breads with jam. Spencer chose the frittata breakfast entree from the menu.  

Shortly after breakfast, we began our descent into Paris.

Overall Thoughts

This was a very pleasant Delta flight. While the seating configuration was sub-par for transatlantic business class, the service was impeccable. The flight attendants were kind and efficient, and the food was solid.