Matcha: the best tea to travel with?

Matcha: the best tea to travel with?

I'm a big tea drinker - I love most kinds, from herbal, to green, to Earl Grey. For years, I've always brought tea along when traveling, so I could easily brew a cup of my favorite type while on the road, or in the air.

It's easy to throw a few tea bags into a carry-on, though more recently I've started carrying a tin of matcha (Japanese green tea powder) wherever I go. I really fell in love with matcha green tea during a visit to Kyoto, Japan several years ago. I appreciate its many health benefits and the calming energy it gives me.


There are several added benefits to traveling with matcha instead of other types of tea, in my opinion:

1. Matcha is convenient to carry
You can fit a month's worth of matcha into a container the size of a deck of cards, taking up less volume in your suitcase than the equivalent in bagged tea.

2. Matcha can be brewed hot or cold
Matcha doesn't need to steep, so you can simply mix it with hot or cold water wherever you are and still enjoy the benefits. Add some to a chilled water bottle, shake, and you’ve got iced matcha!

3. Matcha doesn't require tea bags
Since you consume the entire powder when drinking matcha, there are no tea bags or paper products you need to throw away after each use, making it more convenient and environmentally responsible.

4. Matcha gives you lasting energy, without the jitters
The best ceremonial-grade matcha tea offers increased levels of L-theanine, a compound that has been shown to improve mental focus, decrease stress, and modulate the effects of caffeine, providing 4-6 hours of sustained energy.

After months of testing dozens of types of organic ceremonial matcha (the highest quality hand-picked variety), I found one that I truly believe is the best - it's smooth and light tasting, without being grassy or bitter. I'm so passionate about this matcha that I decided to source it from Kyoto to enable more people to enjoy it’s benefits.

It's called: Matcha for Good.

In addition to being good for you, it strives to do something good for the planet; for every tin sold, a tree is planted, supporting reforestation efforts around the world.

You can try it out at

Hope you enjoy drinking matcha as much as I do!