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Terms of Service


We offer award flight consulting services for a fee. We are not a traditional travel agency.

We provide advice and booking assistance based on the miles and points you have. We do not sell miles, but may sometimes advise on how to purchase miles via an airline or credit card loyalty program.

Award availability is notoriously scarce and changes constantly, therefore award space is not guaranteed.

We collect payment after you have agreed on a valid award itinerary, just before we book your award. Any airline-imposed fees and taxes will be charged separately to your credit card account.

You must have enough miles/points in valid programs in order to book awards. The minimum number of points varies greatly, and depends on the program, your itinerary, class of service, etc.

For us to book awards on your behalf, we may require access to your airline account information, including account number, and in some cases, account pins / passwords. In this case, we recommend you temporarily create a new password for us to access the account and make the booking, then change it back once your ticket is successfully issued.

For certain bookings, you may need to transfer miles between programs (e.g. from American Express Membership Rewards to an airline partner program). For your security and privacy, we do not request access to your credit card-related accounts. Therefore you are responsible for linking and transferring the appropriate number of points between programs when necessary. 

Once we successfully book your itinerary, we will provide any applicable confirmation numbers. You will often receive an e-ticket via email. 

We are not responsible for monitoring your itinerary once it's been booked. Flight schedules, equipment, seat assignments, etc can change at any time after ticketing. You are responsible for monitoring your booking directly with the airline and making any necessary changes. For an additional fee, we can help with certain changes after the initial booking. 

Our fees

We operate our consulting service on a per-booking basis. If your plans change after we've successfully booked your award, we do not refund our fees.


If you want to entirely change your trip location or dates (for example, instead of going to London, you want to go to Lima instead), we will bill this as a new trip.

To add an additional passenger to an existing award reservation we've already made (assuming there is seat availability and you have enough miles in the same program), our typical $99 additional passenger fee applies.

In some cases, award program devaluations may occur after the initial booking. Please be aware that any changes to an award itinerary after this point may require more miles, taxes, and/or fees than the original ticket.


We can assist with cancelling an award or part of an award and helping to redeposit your miles (when possible). We charge a $99 fee for making cancellations, which does not include any fees or penalties the airline may impose. Additionally, our original booking fees will not be refunded once we have successfully completed your initial booking.